Friday, January 14, 2011

Chardonnay, why do you make me say such things?

Its New Years Eve eve and I wanted a burger.  Nothing like a nice, juicy, fatty burger, with lots of ketchup and red onion to cleanse the palate before tasting some California Chardonnays...God, I love America.  And I must say, Chardonnay pairs quite nicely with burgers. 

I have been craving Chardonnay for the past several months...the weather got cooler and my need for red wines decreased while my need for white wine increased...particularly Chardonnay.  This is the opposite of what naturally happens- I should be craving the red in cold weather and vice versa- right?  

But regardless, here is a "get over it" ode to all the ABC (Anything But Chard) people out may not be cool to like Chard, or portray the best of palates...Well, stuff it, is what I say to that.  So let's drink some Chard and eat homemade, oniony burgers!
(Later in the tasting, with the help of my step sister and mom, I realized- although I knew already- that having onions before a wine tasting was stupid)

Central Coast (Santa Ynes)
If you are a fan of the Green Apple Jolly Ranchers you will like the way this one smells.  The oak is quite soft with a hint on the nose and palate and a silky mouth-feel.  (This means that it feels silky in your mouth).  My favorite aspect is the musty- but pleasant- dried dried apricots, giving it almost a Riesling characteristic.  Very well balanced oak, fruit and acidity. 
We finished the whole bottle. 

Sta. Rita Hills
Now I'm picturing myself in a boulangerie in Paris.  This wine has a buttery mouth feel in a silky, appealing way. Carmel and vanilla on the nose and palate with a hint of bread, preserved Meyer lemon (not sour but sweet), and baked peach cobbler.  The acidity is very bright, especially as the bottle stays open for a bit.  This Chardonnay is nice and hearty where the malolactic fermentation is obvious but enhances the wine and does not over power.
There was half a glass remaining. 

Lake Sonoma Chardonnay 2008 
Russian River
This wine is very aromatic. Like a campfire on a mild evening in the I'm not. 
There is toasty oak and vanilla on the nose and also on the palate.  A slight butteriness that is balanced out by the vibrant acidity on the mid palate and then it falls a bit short on the back.  Apricot, honey, and baked apple are the more upfront fruit notes that you can both smell and taste.   
We drank the whole bottle.

Cool Gadgets To Use:

Ravi Instant Wine Chiller.  My mom got a really cool device that instantly chills wine.  No need to wait to chill you chard, just click here.

VINTURI Essential Wine Aerator.  We always use this for our red and white wines.  It actually opens the wine up substantially so try before and after.  It works!

I, Melissa Nilssen, do not encourage spitting wine.  Drink wines that are over $5 (you know who you are). If you drink from a box and you are my will no longer be my friend (again, you know who you are). You don't have to spend over $20 for a good wine.  Please take time to eat, drink and talk about the experience- tis quite fun.

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  1. I like me a chard! better than that pinot grigio crap if ya ask me.