Thursday, June 23, 2011

Italy 2011: Rome Florence Venice

I recently took a trip to Italy with my family where we started in Rome, took a train to Florence and ended up in Venice.  I especially enjoyed the Tuscan countryside and Venice...stunning places.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from our adventure.


Gatto di casa.

This is a random church in Rome. ;)

On a stroll. My brother, step brother and step sister.

These trees were everywhere and remind me of my favorite, the Cypress. 

Mesmerized by this modernesque art piece found in ancient Roman ruins.

We found him roaming the streets.

Tuscan vineyards.


Just Engaged! xo

Courtyard in Florence where kids were playing.


People and Pigeons.


In the name of art, Diana, sit down.

 Grand Canal.

Favorite white wine we found. 

Mom on a walk.


Salami heaven.

Night of the Gondola.

Fresh from the morning Farmer's Market.

 Arrivederci Venezia. Lo manchero.


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